Can و can not وhave to

” For example, use “can not,” (two words) when “not” is part of a “ not only but also ” construction. في حالة النفي تصبح should not have to, has to, had to شرح مبسط لقاعدة can , cant

    Nlp مدرب البرمجة اللغوية العصبية ل إيان ماكديرموت ويندي جاجو
  1. Can – Could – Have to – Must
  2. She was able to wait patiently outside for the store to open
  3. She can ride a bike
  4. I can’t quite get it to work
  5. I can speak Spanish and English
  6. He can’t call us
  7. For example: I can play the guitar
  8. Tim W Oct-19-2012
  9. There’s no difference in meaning between cannot and can not
  10. Cant definition is - can not
  11. I can not lift this chair because it is too heavy